Welcome to the Open Networks and Big Data Lab, led by Prof. Lakshminarayanan Subramanian.

We are a team of researchers in the Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences at New York University, focusing on fundamental and applied research in the areas of open networking and big data analytics. In the space of open networks, we work on problems pertaining to new mobile networking stacks, programmable cellular networks, software defined wide area networks and programmable IoT platforms. In the space of big data analytics, we work on problems pertaining to crowdsourcing systems, socio-economic inference algorithms, event analytics and reputations.

Within the purview of these areas, our group specifically focuses on applications in the emerging field of Computing for Development (ICTD). The larger goal is to contribute to socio-economic development by designing innovative computing technologies for real world societal challenges. Our research philosophy places a strong emphasis on “end-to-end system design”, where we design, implement, deploy and evaluate our solutions in the real world and push successful ideas towards adoption at scale.

We are part of the NYU Systems group in the Computer Science Department.

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Recent and Selected Publications

  • Fine-Grained Dengue Forecasting using Telephone Triage Services Nabeel Abdur Rehman, Shankar Kalyanaraman, Talal Ahmad, Fahad Pervaiz, Umar Saif, Lakshminarayanan Subramanian. Science Advances. 08 July 2016. [pdf]
  • The Effects of the Content of FOMC Communications on US Treasury Rates. Sunandan Chakraborty, Christopher Rohlfs, Lakshminarayanan Subramanian. EMNLP 2016. (short paper) [pdf]
  • Predicting Socio-Economic Indicators using News Events. Sunandan Chakraborty, Ashwin Venkataraman, Srikanth Jagabathula, Lakshminarayanan Subramanian. KDD 2016. [pdf]
  • Adaptive Congestion Control for Unpredictable Cellular Networks. Yasir Zaki, Thomas Potsch, Jay Chen, Carmelita Goerg, Lakshminarayanan Subramanian. ACM SIGCOMM 2015. [pdf]
  • Solar vs Diesel: Where to draw the line for cell towers?. Talal Ahmad, Shankar Kalyanaraman, Fareeha Amjad, Lakshminarayanan Subramanian. ICTD 2015. [pdf]
  • Reputation-based Worker Filtering in Crowdsourcing. Srikanth Jagabathula, Lakshminarayanan Subramanian, Ashwin Venkataraman (alphabetical order). NIPS 2014. [pdf]

Full list of publications: All | Open Networks | Big Data.
Ongoing work.


  • [Feb 23, 2017] Professor Subramanian is a recipient of the Google Faculty Research Award 2016 to support research on next-generation mobile networks led by Fatima Zarinni. Read more..
  • [Jan 31, 2017] Our group has moved to the newly renovated space on the 4th floor at 60 Fifth Avenue (the former Forbes Building). Read more..
  • [Dec 19, 2016] Ashwin Venkataraman wins the Deans Dissertation Fellowship, awarded to PhD students entering their final year of dissertation writing. Congratulations Ashwin!
  • [Jul 10, 2016] Fatima Zarinni joins us as a Research Scientist from Stony Brook University. Welcome Fatima!
  • [Jul 9, 2016] Work on dengue outbreak prediction in Pakistan appeared in Science Advances. Congratulations to all involved! Read more. Press release links - [NYTimes] [Reuters] [IEEE Spectrum] [Atlantic] [VOAnews]
  • [Mar 24, 2016] ONUG partners with NYU for new Open Networks Lab initiative. Read more..